Q&A about the Pricing Policy

Dear customers,

We changed our business and pricing policy in our copy centres on 27 May 2014. In connection with that, you have sent us many suggestions, questions as well as critical comments. We have examined all of them carefully, because we appreciate the opinions of our customers. We have explained our steps and answer your questions below.


Why do you charge for the use of a computer? Do you want to benefit from it?

This initially unpopular measure is especially intended to accelerate and improve customer service in the self-service zone. It quite often occurred that many customers had to wait for a free computer due to the disobedience of others, who used it for purposes other than for sending files to the printer. By charging the symbolic CZK 1 per minute, we wanted to provide motivation towards this respect for other customers. The first experiences show that the order settlement speed in the self-service zone has increased by 50%.


Why did you introduce the minimum order cost of CZK 29?

The availability and quality of our services in the copy centres have caused the number of small-scale orders to increase rapidly in recent years. These small-scale orders do not reflect the price of our services, although the quality has been improving continuously. As a result, their volume has an impact on the quality and speed of handling higher volume orders.


So are you getting rid of small customers?

The amount of CZK 29 represents the costs of our services. All of our customers (even the “small” ones) are allowed to get a prepaid card which enables them to print or copy orders in the self-service zone for less than CZK 29. In addition, the prepaid card provides many other advantages – for example, lower prices for colour printing or quicker handling without waiting at the cash desk.


What will I get with a prepaid card?

With a prepaid card, you will get:

More favourable prices.
Quicker handling of orders in the self-service zone without waiting at the cash desk.
Other bonuses for regular customers.

You will get a prepaid card for CZK 30; the minimum amount to be charged is CZK 170.

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